Daughters of Charity National Health System (DCNHS)

As the Daughters' network of hospitals grew and the condition of health care in the United State evolved, the provinces of the Daughters began to form health care networks to maximize their service in comparison to their numbers.  Beginning with blanket insurance programs, asset managemet, and trainng techniques for various departments, central purshasing programs were in place in both provinces' hospital structures by 1950.  After the provincial division of 1969, the new provinces each operated their own health care health systems, but operated purchasing programs along two wide agreements – an Eastern and a Western.  In 1986, the five provinces created DCNHS as an overarching non-profit entity, to both share resources and maintain autonomy of provincial health systems as subsidiaries.  In 1999, DCNHS, after restructuring of provincial systems, merged with the health system of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Nazareth, MI, to begin the newest phase of the Daughters' health care.

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DCNHS Corporate Members, Dec. 1998

Sister Catherine Madigan, Sister Marie Therese Sedgwick, Sister Marilyn Perkins, Sister Mary Carroll Eby, Sister Louise Gallahue, Sister Elyse Staab, Sister Xavier Ballance, Sister Bonnie Hoffman

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