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Carville, LA - Hansen's Disease Center, RG 11-2-1-1, Administration, Patient Guidebooks, Box 2, Folder 6

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Shortly after admission, patients are interviewed by an employee from the supply office, who ascertains their needs and records correct sizes of clothing. Requisitions for clothing and notions are submitted to the supply office thereafte and items are furnished to each as needed.
Patients may purchase additional clothing at their own expense from outside sources if they so desire.
Clothing is issued between 8 A.M. and 12 Noon on Thursdays from room 103, building 15. Linen may also be exchanged during these hours.
The hospital has its postoffice, Point Clair Branch, Carville, Louisiana, located on the first floor of the recreation building. It is open from 8 - 11:15 A.M. and 12 - 1 P.M. Mail goes out each day at 9:30A.M. Patients may pick up their mail Mondays through Saturdays and postal money orders may be purchased during regular operating hours.
Under certain conditions patients may go home on 30 day leave or vacation twice a year. The approval of their health department is necessary, especially when there are small children in the home, as they are considered more susceptible to leprosy. Usually arrangements can be made in the family for the children's care elsewhere while a patient with active disease is home on leave. Grandparents or other relatives can be counted on to help out in this situation.
These vacations are considered a part of treatment and patients are encouraged to go if there are no indications to the contrary. It is each patient's responsibility to regulate his activity and to conduct himself so as not to expose other to his disease while he is away from the hospital.
Nursing service is directed by the chief nurse who is responsible for the work of the other nurses. She also supervises the training of attendants and assigns them to duty
Nursing service is provided by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, better known as the Sisters of Charity.
There are 22 Sisters at this hospital, who serve as graduate and registered nurses, dieticians, pharmacist, and medical records librarian.
The nursing service is much like that in any general hospital. The acutely ill patients and new patients are cared for in a 65 bed infirmary. Patients who are not confined to bed come to the infirmary daily for treatments such as special injections, eye & nose treatment, and physical therapy. They also go to the various clinics for dressings.
The dental clinic, eye, ear, nose and throat clinic, the x-ray department, dressing clinic, Promin clinic are located on the first floor of the infirmary. A modern operating room and the medical records section are in the same building.
The hospital pharmacy is located next to the nursing station on the main floor of the infirmary. Prescriptions are filled during regular hours by a registered pharmacist.
The laboratory, located on the second floor of the infirmary, makes various tests for patients as their doctor requests them. The results of these tests help the doctor to understand the patients' medical problems and help him to gauge

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National Hensen's Disease Center, “Patients' Handbook,” Daughters of Charity, Province of St. Louise Archives, accessed March 4, 2024,