Correspondence between sisters at Buffalo Hospital

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Correspondence between sisters at Buffalo Hospital


unknown Daughter of Charity




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"Buffalo, NY - Sisters of Charity Hospital", RG 11-2-3, Correspondence, General Correspondence, Box 13, Folder 1

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<<proposing opening a training school>>
Buff Hosp- 1890
On the evening of Nov 14 Drs. Sylvester V. Heouth, both of whom are connected with the Buff. Hosp. called to see Sr. M. at the Providence Retreat; to pay her their respects and confer with her in a friendly way about the wants of the Srs Hospital <[illeg]> as view continues & to propose a remedy.
They were not finding focus with the Sisters; not at all but Sr. Florence was in a measure handicapped, & to a degree of which she was not herself probably <cognizant> aware.
In the first place, there was a want o proper nursing. They were not finding fault with the Srs., but the systems of nursing of twenty years ago, was not up to the wants of the present time. In former years they had "the class of patients know as "the Coughers" at the Hosp. & the Srs nursing was all that was desired, for these patients needed but care, good food comfort kind-heartedness. But surgical cases of today required trained nurses, those <who possess traditional knowledge, who> knew how to act in emergency, <&> who knew not only what to do, but why it was done. The <<nurses technical knowledge was necessary>> nurses at this hosp.-- which <<what>> one of them know how to take the temperature by a thermometer <a> <<which was>> most necessary <thing>? Sr Thomas dispenced <[illeg]> for newspaper such news as she could [illeg] - who knew writing about nursing- The [illeg] of a trained nurse were, of course high, <but a man> her [illeg] said he know [torn] to her was asked for bread Srs. for these commenced in age are worked within ways. send a good number to be trained and they, the Srs. would be glad to train them to efficiency- knew not why those jus this Hosp. but young Srs to be trained who when they want [illeg], to St. Louis on other places the fact of their having been trained at the Training Sch of the Buff Hsp sd inspire confidence- We want to build up the Srs. Hosp so that a surgeon or play many considers if out hour to be attracted to the Srs Hosp.

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unknown Daughter of Charity, “Correspondence between sisters at Buffalo Hospital,” Daughters of Charity, Province of St. Louise Archives, accessed March 4, 2024,