Sister Elyse Staab Email February 18, 1999

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Sister Elyse Staab Email February 18, 1999


Sister Elyse Staab


February 18, 1999


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It is with a sense of enthusiasm, hope and accomplishment that we announce the completion of Phase I in our efforts to form a new health system together with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Nazareth, MI. Enclosed are copies of the latest issues of Progress: Building a New Health Ministry Together, which will provide in-depth information on the activities during the past several months. The leadership of each local health ministry has received this material by separate mailing. Should you need more copies of Progress please contact DCNHS Corporate Communications at [phone number redacted]
A press release from DCNHS will be issued to the media on or about Friday, February 19. A draft of the release and a set of talking points are attached. Should you receive any media inquiries, please refer them to Susan Nestor, DCNHS Senior Vice President for Advocacy and External Relations, at [phone number redacted].
In the spirit of continuing a vibrant Catholic health ministry, I look forward to the continued development of a new health system during the next few months as we move into the next phase of our discussions. Let us ask God's blessings on our actions as we move forward into a new era in our health ministry.

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Progress in Collaboration


Sisters of the Province [former Emmitsburg Province of the Daughters of Charity]


Sister Elyse [Staab]


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