Christmas Letter from Sister Martha Barlai-Kovach, 2004

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Christmas Letter from Sister Martha Barlai-Kovach, 2004


Sister Marcha Barlai-Kovach




Used with permission of Sister Martha Barlai-Kovach






"Foreign Missions - West Indies - Haiti," RG 12-3-3, Correspondence, 2003-2004, Box 2, Folder 2

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The increased patient volume has challenged us to reorganize both staff and space. The reorganization is a work in progress, every time we make a change we realize that while it helps, it isn't enough. We have moved the cahier's office so people can pay from the outside and not in the waiting room, we have built a little house so that prices and appointments can be given without disrupting the clinics, we have put a roof over the sidewalk so that all this can be done without folks getting wet in the rain, we have taken out a wall of cabinets so that we can convert one exam room into two and so it goes musical "rooms". We have another list of moves that we would like to make that would improve the quality of care, but "petit par petit", little by little. I am sure by the time we are done, we will have to start all over again.
We have also built a canal around the hospital and by the Nutrition Center. They hospital from being flooded by all the rain that the hurricanes left behind. We renovated some under utilized office space into additional sleeping quarters for resident staff. We have prepared the base for a new incinerator that will burn our trash more efficiently, and the list goes on. As we finish one project there are several more added to the list.

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