"The Care of the Sick" by Sister Matilda Coskery

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"The Care of the Sick" by Sister Matilda Coskery


Sr. Matilda Coskery's health care manual


Sr. Matilda Coskery


Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph's


c. 1850


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Born in 1799 or 1800
She died in 1870
Lives of Deceased Sisters 1872 p. 10
Advices concerning the Sick.
When a patient is brought to the house place him according to sickness. If his condition would be disagreeable to others, put him by himself, or as far off in the ward as possible, without however letting him know why. If he is very sick or weak do not stop to question him about his sickness, as the one at the door shd know his disease, & he may be questioned as to the treatment after he has rested.B Then learn from him what has been done for him as to medicine, blistering, bleeding, dieting, etc.B Often the weakness of the sick Poor is from hardship as to food, clothing, labor & exposure, so a little light broth shd be given to them soon after they come in. If he is faint like, give him a little wine or toddy. Always keep a bed or two ready so that the poor sick may not be kept waiting. If he is able & needs a foot wash, put a handful of common salt, or two tablespoons of mustard, or a pint of wood ashes, into a bucket of warm water, and only wash, not bathe, the feet before getting into bed, let them be dried well. If he has no clean linen, & needs one, loan him one, that his condition may be comfortable. If he is too weak to have the foot wash, let him rest, & when he is more refreshed, let his face, neck, hands, arms, feet and legs be wiped with whiskey, weak spirits of camphor or bay rum. Whatever be his condition, do not let him wait long for a drink if he is thirsty, but give him that that suits his sickness. If he has fever & ague, he may have almost anything, unless his bowels are too free, in this case, give him barley water, rice water, toast water, gum water, or water alone, and if he is not too feverish, he may have port

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